Icelandair biedt klanten de mogelijkheid om een annuleringsverzekering af te sluiten

De annuleringsverzekering zorgt voor terugbetaling van het gedeelte van het ticket dat is betaald aan Icelandair, in het geval dat dit niet op een andere manier kan worden terugbetaald.

Als het de passagier niet lukt om de reis te maken, dan zal Icelandair het ticket restitueren. Als de passagier zijn reisplan moet wijzigen nadat hij begonnen is aan zijn reis, zal Icelandair het relevante deel van het vliegticket (het deel van het ticket dat nog niet is gebruikt) of de wijzigingskosten (maar niet het prijsverschil) terugbetalen .

Documentatie in de vorm van een medische verklaring ondertekend door een arts is een vereiste. Een medisch verklaring, zonder de aanschaf van de annuleringsverzekering, geeft geen recht op terugbetaling.

De annuleringsverzekering kan alleen worden aangeschaft op het moment dat het totaal bedrag is voldaan.


Ticket Cancellation/Change Waiver for Air Ticket Only

1. General

At the time when a travel fare or confirmation fee is paid, a customer is invited to pay a special cancellation charge, which is valid for tickets for travel paid to Icelandair on the relevant bill.

If the passenger does not manage to make the journey Icelandair repays the ticket, if passenger needs to change his travel plan after commencement of the journey, Icelandair repays the relevant travel ticket (part of ticket that has not been used) or change fees (but not fare difference) in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

The cancellation charge does not provide compensation for various other service charges, namely booking charges, loan arrangement costs and repayment charges. The Cancellation Protection Fee only covers cancellation of tickets paid to Icelandair. It does e.g. not cover the costs of hotels and rental cars booked on, etc.

Documentation in the form of a Medical Certificate signed by a doctor will be required. Medical Certificate, without purchasing Cancellation Protection Fee, does not entitle repayment.

2. Repayment

2.1 Payment of a cancellation charge ensures the repayment of that part of a travel fare which has been paid and cannot be repaid in any other way if a customer cannot make the intended journey on account of:

a) death, sudden serious illness or accident which requires the hospitalization of himself, his partner, whether in the case of a partner by marriage or by established cohabitation, children or grandchildren of a customer, his parents or parents-in-law, his grandfather, grandmother, or siblings;

b) significant material damage to his home or at a private company, which renders his presence necessary (a police report should be available).

2.2 The nature of the circumstances listed above should be such that it is unavoidable to cancel a previously made order.

2.3 A cancellation fee is in no circumstance repayable.

2.4 This cancelation fee is not covering any possible Fare difference due to change of flight date after commencement of the journey.

3. Validity conditions

3.1 It is a condition for the right to repayment to be established that:

a) a cancellation charge is paid;

b) a customer is not aware of the damage, loss or incapacity nor has suspicion of impending damage, loss or incapacity, which establishes a right to repayment at the time, when the cancellation charge is paid.

3.2 The right to repayment is valid from the time specified on the receipt for its payment and up to the time of departure.

4. Excluded risks

4.1 A right to repayment is not established in the following instances of damage, loss or incapacity

a) incapacity which comes about as a result of deliberate self-inflicted injuries;

b) incapacity which comes about as a result of sickness which may be related with the use of alcoholic drinks or drugs, other than drugs which are taken under medical advice, excepting drugs used in medical treatment arising from the use of addictive and illegal drugs;

c) incapacity, loss or damage as a direct or indirect result of nuclear reactions, ionizing radiation, contamination by radioactive substances, nuclear fuel and nuclear waste materials, or as a result of war, military invasion operations, civil unrest, uprising, riot, or similar actions. The same applies to incapacity, loss or damage arising directly or indirectly as a result of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, avalanches, or other natural disasters;

d) damage or loss arising from the cancellation or delay of scheduled means of transport;

e) incapacity, loss or damage which comes about as a result of sicknesses which the customer was suffering at the time when the cancellation charge was paid, or of his treatment for them: see 3.1.b above;

4.2 The Cancellation charge does not cover repayment of service charges, namely booking charges, loan etc etc…..’.

5. Procedures in the case of claims – repayment

5.1 A claim in case of loss shall be notified immediately and an official hospitalization certificate or a police report supplied together with the receipt for airline ticket.

5.2 Repayment shall be made within 45 days of receipt of full and satisfactory proofs of Icelandair’s obligation for repayment in accordance with these terms and conditions and from the time when it is possible to determine the amount of repayment. The person in question at his own expense must present certificates and other documentation, which Icelandair may require in order to be able to assess its obligation for repayment.

5.3 If a customer also has a current right to compensation from insurance for the same case of loss, Icelandair will only pay proportional compensation.

6. Fraud – erroneous information

If a customer provides fraudulent descriptions or information or conceals events or circumstances, which are pertinent to Iceland air’s obligation for repayment, he forgoes his right with respect to the company.

7. Address and registered office

The address and registered office of Icelandair is in Reykjavik. Any cases, which may arise regarding repayment in accordance with these terms and conditions, shall be taken to the Local Court of Reykjavik.